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Styling You & Your Home

When you think about the rooms in your home, are you completely satisfied with overall design? Is your room welcoming, comfortable and cozy? If you answered “no” to any of these questions, I am here to help you achieve a fabulous new look that suits your style through my decorating service

We can sit down and discuss your likes and dislikes about your current home décor. For instance, what do you want your room to convey to you and your guests?

Elegance, sophisticated, serene, comfortable, quirky or fun? It’s all possible….it’s up to you!

We can change the look of a room with a simple redesign using what you already own. That means starting with a blank slate and building a new look using your existing pieces, perhaps re-purposing pieces from other rooms or by adding embellishments to create a room that says “look at me!”

We can get you out of “the beige safety net” and introduce colors to your home that will inspire you. Did you ever want a razzle dazzle red wall but were too afraid to go there?

We can stage your home in the very best light for a quicker sale. Let’s de-clutter your space and make a clean and functional impression for the next homeowners.

You may ask what “Styling You & Your Home” means. It’s simple; the way you dress and present yourself is a direct reflection of your home and your style. Are you happy with your current wardrobe? Do you have a closet full of clothes with nothing to wear? Do you dread the Monday morning dressing ritual? I can help you as a wardrobe consultant.

With our professional decorating services, we can update your closet and your personal brand. We can create a look for you that makes you smile and feel fantastic!

Hate to shop? I love it! Let me help you with your styling!
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