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I would like to say a very heartfelt Thank You to Annette Ullrich of Too Many Details, styling you and your home. Over Christmas vacation I called her on a Monday afternoon feeling very overwhelmed by the kitchen facelift my husband and I were about to start. We have been thinking and talking about this project; changing our minds so many times I was unable to make any definite decisions.

 She felt my sense of unease and found time to meet with me the next day. We spent 3 hours together and in that time she came to my home, looked at colors and the several swatches of flooring and countertops I liked. We made a decision on that in 30 minutes, and headed out to the stores. After the paint store, a home decor store, Home Depot and Lowes, I arrived home with dishes, towels, wall art, paint, lighting and a list of flooring, countertops that my husband had to pick up. Also she went above and beyond for me by finding a fabric and making an amazing window treatment for my new kitchen because we could not find quite the right one when we went out.

 It was worth every minute we spent, without  her help we would still be wandering aimlessly through the stores trying to decide on colors and styles and I would still have the Yellow kitchen I have disliked for 14 years.

1/26/12 Karen Farren  Manchester, NH
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I highly recommend Too Many Details for Top Notch service, with attention to detail. You will be amazed at the professional, and pleasing way beautiful spaces take shape. Nothing but the Best in all areas of style;someone easy to work with, who creates what you've always wanted; you will be the envy of the neighborhood. Hope you give her a call!  3/21/2011  Doreen Boisssonneaullt   Manchester, NH
I can't let another day go by without thanking you for your highly attentive service in creating a library in my home. I know that, as spaces go, mine was not a large one to work with. But you treated my request with such care and enthusiasm that I felt like I was royalty. Service like yours is rare in business these days, and I did not want my appreciation to go unstated. Thank you so much for your commitment to making my new library such a unique and especially inviting space for me to enjoy. You can be certain that I will continue to patronize Too Many Details for all my home decorating and space planning needs going forward. I would be thrilled to recommend your services to my friends.  6/20/2011  Theresa Huntley   Derry, NH
Thank you for your help in updating my wardrobe. I knew it was time for your professional help as I prepared to present my book to several book publishers. I wanted to have the utmost confidence for the meeting and tried on most of my clothes;never felt that I had the proper attire for my time in New York. The three outfits you selected fit me perfectly and gave me the extra confidence I needed. You even taught me a few things about fashion. 9/18/2011  Neal Dwelley  Stratham,NH
I would like to begin with a big “Thank You” to Annette for allowing me the opportunity to go wardrobe shopping with her for my new, professional, spring wardrobe! I am a jeans and t-shirt kind of “girl”, and not much of a dress and skirt “girl”. Annette and I walked into our first store, before I had a chance to ask anything she had clothes in her hand. While Annette was picking out clothes I would have never in a million years worn, in fear it would look like Walt Disney threw up all over me, I went with it. She is the professional afterall. If I truly disliked it, I spoke up and there were no hard feelings, we moved on. This was my biggest fear – Annette really thinking something will look great and I hated it. My biggest fear is now not an issue at all, with in the first 2 minutes it was put to rest. With in 20 minutes we were in the dressing room trying on 10 different outfits that could be mixed and matched to create many different looks. Annette taught me about layering clothing, the what to, and what not to put together’s and most of all, confidence! As I write this letter I am in a beautiful ¾ sleeve dress I would have never picked out for myself and I get more compliments now, than I did in my jeans and t-shirts! I am a professional, I need to present myself as one and Annette has helped me every step of the way. From undergarments to jewelry Annette and I got our shopping done in under two hours. I can’t thank Annette enough for walking me through the process, I would recommend Annette to anybody looking to update their wardrobe or even go through their existing clothing and mix it up a little.
I can’t wait for my fall/winter shopping trip!
Ashley Bednarski  April 4, 2012