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Library project before:
The theme for the room has a garden influence, a tranquil spot that invites the outside in. The carpet was selected for it's multiple colors with the focus on nature. The paint color is Jonquil, by Benjamin Moore. This creates a glow to the room whether day or night! The chairs are covered in a soft blue fabric evoking a restful scheme, creating a cozy cocoon.Notice the desk chair, a rich brown pattern mimics the area rug and pulls in the texture of the draperies and the existing leather chair. Pillows with a distinct garden pattern along with the botanical lamps add a punch of color and a bit of whimsy. The finishing touch is the petite crystal chandelier that casts a warm rich glow over the entire room and invites you to sit and stay a while.
Torch light room: Color intervention; from the "beige safety net" to fabulous! The inspiration for this woodstove living room was the Tuscan painting hanging on the wall. The warm glow of the yellow in the picture led me to choose Torchlight, by Sherwin Williams. The walls were painted, crown molding was added and even the ceiling got a Torchlight tinting. The glasstop tables and existing wall sconces were refinished with a bronze/pewter tone spray paint to bring the former brass into a richer tone for the room. Tuscan glass marbelized shades were added to complete the look...what a difference! Embellishing the room with a rich palette of color and texture in the pillows, artwork and lamps added instant ambiance...notice the fabulous yellow glass fringed shade.
The spa room: What better way to rejuvenate than to begin or end a day in a spa? In order to complete this project, 42 trees were taken down by the owner. The spa house was built and screened for protection against the elements. A sundeck was built off the back of the spa and zero gravity lounge chairs were added. The interior of the spa was kept neutral so that nature becomes the focal point. The furniture was chosen in a brown rattan to reflect the trees, the cushion pattern and area rugs are in shades of taupe and black lending itself to a relaxed retreat. The only color in the room is in the glass hanging candles and  the pots of flowers outside the room. The spa itself is a state of the art hydrotherapy tub complete with a lit waterfall, pop up speakers for the CD player and a floating remote control. Imagine ending your day in this hideaway and relaxing in the comfy chairs with a cocktail in hand and good vibes for a restful nights's sleep.
This project took a living room from the 80's into 2010. Though the room was lovely before, the client experienced a change in lifestyle and wanted a new look. Drama was created in the room to reflect a clubby, yet spa like, comfortable retreat. This is a room where friends gather to listen to music, and indulge in fine food and wine. Rich, leather furniture grounds the room and offers a place to sit and put your feet up and sink into the vibe of the room. Grasscloth covers the wall separating the dining area; the bench and animal print lamps add a playful element to the space. Patterns and textures are mixed with the silky window treatments embellished with glass beads. The twist of beads picks up the reflection of light in the room. The wallpaper border was burnished with a stain to give it an old world updated look. Add fur to the mix, in the pillows and throws; a guaranteed comfort factor. Remember you can never have too many lamps! There are 6 lamps in this room all complimenting each other with indivudual purposes. Lighting can make a room and create a party atmoshphere or restful spa retreat!.
This is a kitchen project for DIY homeowners. They were caught in confusion on color, countertops, flooring and lighting. After a consultation we determined what elements would work best in this aged kitchen. Budget was a factor, so we worked within the allowance to come up with a plan that gave a rich updated look to the space. Bye-bye yellow kitchen! Colors in nature were used to soften and expand the space. Drama was added to the dining area with colorful metal wall art and window treatment. The kitchen is now once again the hub for the kids homework and family dinners.
Kitchen Before

Kitchen After

This project began as a consultation to choose tile, countertops, paint colors in the kitchen renovation. After that task was completed the homeowners wanted to completely redesign their Great Room. It started with removing all existing furnishings, choosing the new carpet and a shopping trip for new furniture and accessories. The couple decided to also invest in window treatments for 11 windows. This project took months to complete with the end result being a cohesive living space that gave the homeowners a swanky new place to entertain family and friends. It also achieved their desire for comfort and relaxation for the two of them. A fire lit, a glass of wine and cozy seating to curl up and read a book!  (to be done...replace blinds with bamboo shade)
Before pictures
After pictures
WARDROBE STYLING:  This project involved a young professional in her 20s. She was very comfortable in jeans and t-shirts but decided that to project a more positive professional image, she needed the help of a stylist. We did a 2 hour shopping event together and I was able to coordinate a full spring wardrobe for her with all the pieces working together in different ways. She now has many different fashion looks that give her a new edge and added confidence in her professional appearance.
Ashley Before
Ashley After

I would like to begin with a big “Thank You” to Annette for allowing me the opportunity to go wardrobe shopping with her for my new, professional, spring wardrobe! I am a jeans and t-shirt kind of “girl”, and not much of a dress and skirt “girl”. Annette and I walked into our first store, before I had a chance to ask anything she had clothes in her hand. While Annette was picking out clothes I would have never in a million years worn, in fear it would look like Walt Disney threw up all over me, I went with it. She is the professional after all. If I truly disliked it, I spoke up and there were no hard feelings, we moved on. This was my biggest fear – Annette really thinking something will look great and I hated it. My biggest fear is now not an issue at all, with in the first 2 minutes it was put to rest. With in 20 minutes we were in the dressing room trying on 10 different outfits that could be mixed and matched to create many different looks. Annette taught me about layering clothing, the what to, and what not to put together and most of all, confidence! As I write this letter I am in a beautiful ¾ sleeve dress I would have never picked out for myself and I get more compliments now, than I did in my jeans and t-shirts! I am a professional, I need to present myself as one and Annette has helped me every step of the way. From undergarments to jewelry Annette and I got our shopping done in under two hours. I can’t thank Annette enough for walking me through the process, I would recommend Annette to anybody looking to update their wardrobe or even go through their existing clothing and mix up it up a little.
I can’t wait for my fall/winter shopping trip!
Ashley Bednarski   4,4,2012