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Interior Decorating:
Time to discuss your likes and dislikes about the current décor of your home. With our professional decorating service, we can consult on color, surface materials, window treatments and accessory placement. Let us solve your decorating challenges by creating a functional, attractive and comfortable room for you.

Interior Redesign:
Tired of your current living space? Let us create a room that will come alive and put a smile on your face with our decorating service! We can work with the pieces you own, perhaps repurposing some of them for better impact. We can add some new sparkle to the room with a shopping trip as well. It’s up to you and your budget.

Home Staging:
Selling your home can be very emotional. By staging your home in the very best light, the process can speed up the sale and get you to your new home faster. Services include furniture arrangement, de-cluttering the space, creative room design using your furniture and accessories and perhaps embellishing with some new elements.

Color Consulting:
Do you embrace color or stay in the “beige safety net”? Color can draw you into the space! Create a focal point or use color in elements that capture you. Surround yourself with what makes you happy!

Wardrobe Styling:
Update your closet and your personal brand with a wardrobe consultant! Open the doors to find clothes that work together in multiple ways. Pull your look together with accessories… Add sparkle, bold, chunky…we will find what works for you. Let me find a color palette that speaks to you. Your wardrobe style tells your story, gives you confidence and best of all MAKES YOU FEEL GOOD!

Personal Shopping Services
Whatever you need … hate to shop? I love it! Let me find the right accessories for your newly designed room. We will create a shopping list and decide on a budget that you are comfortable with. If we revamped your wardrobe, we can shop together or I can do the shopping for you.

​Men's Dating Toolbox
Gentlemen, have you suddenly found yourself in the “Singles Scene”? Are you on various dating sites trying to find "that special someone”? If so, you never get a second chance to make a good first impression! Let the Men’s Dating Toolbox create your customized blueprint for a successful date. Our Stylist will create a look just for you that will give you the confidence to have a successful first date. Our Coach will guide you through proper communication and offer tips on successful conversation. Why not present yourself as the total package? You and she both deserve it!     Introductory Offer $150     1 hour wardrobe styling & 1 hour coaching

We offer Custom Packages 
For example: An interior redesign may include an initial consultation, room redesign and follow-up of additional materials needed to complete the room. 

Please contact us for pricing and package options.
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